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The Big Draw 2014: Fusilier Museum

Wednesday 29th October, The Fusilier Museum 11am-3pm. (drop-in event)

It’s a jungle in here!

This year’s theme is “It’s Our World”, a celebration of the environment and sustainability.

The Fusiliers have been a magnificent fighting force for over 300 years but even they cannot match the powerful force of nature! Climate change is showing us how strong forces of nature can be and just how important it is to respect the delicate balance of our planet. 

For one day only we are celebrating nature by turning our foyer and museum into a jungle with trees plants, creepers and creatures slowly taking over from floor to ceiling.

Why not come and join in the fun at this drop-in event, celebrating nature and drawing. The event will be suitable for all ages, but make sure you have your old clothes as it may get a bit messy!!    



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