The Fusilier Museum Events


Welcome to our What's On page! We have lots of events taking place throughout the year so keep checking this page or follow us on facebook for the latest updates.



6WOS - The Lion

26-07-2017 10:30

Make a fluffy lion mane mask and get your face painted.

6WOS - The Lion

28-07-2017 10:30

Make a finger puppet inspired by the animals in our insignia.

6WOS - The Raven

02-08-2017 10:30

Make a flapping raven door hanger and meet beautiful birds of prey in Gallipoli Garden.

6WOS - The Raven

04-08-2017 10:30

Use block printing to create your own tall tower painting.

6WOS - The Bee

09-08-2017 10:30

Make a bee mobile to hang in your bedroom and joins for a tour of our Victorian building at 11.00am.

6WOS - The Bee

11-08-2017 10:30

Use finger painting to make a garden scene filled with buzzy bees and lots of other creepy crawlies.

6WOS - The Butterfly

16-08-2017 10:30

Make a dazzling stained glass butterfly decoration.

6WOS - The Butterfly

18-08-2017 10:30

Make a wiggly 3D catterpillar

6WOS - The Sphinx

23-08-2017 10:30

Create your own sphinx style creature by combining different animal body parts.

6WOS - The Sphinx

25-08-2017 10:30

Make a sand art Egyptian death mask.

6WOS - Cotton

30-08-2017 10:30

Bring in an old t-shirt and bring it back to life with fabric pens and accessories.

6WOS - Cotton

01-09-2017 10:30

make amazing art out of cotton wool.

October half term - Big Draw!

25-10-2017 10:30

Get creative and join in our Big Draw 2017 activities.

October half term - Big Draw!

27-10-2017 10:30

Get creative and join in our 2017 Big Draw activities!

Remembrance Day

11-11-2017 11:00

Join us for special commemorations in Gallipoli Garden at 11.00am and then make a poppy inside the museum. Find out about different colours of poppy and what they represent.

Christmas Crafts and Carols

02-12-2017 10:30

Make tree decorations inspired by our beautiful stained glass window and listen to Christmas carols performed by local choirs.


Why not treat yourself to a mince pie from Delicious at The Fusiliers too!